Hvis du vil øge eller realisere værdien af din virksomhed


EjerlederFokus.dk [Owner Manager Focus]  aims to help you as an owner manager to get inspiration and tools on how to increase the value of your business and make it sellable – without it feeling put up for sale.

Is your business sellable, and why might it be important for you that your business be sellable?

A sellable company is your best insurance so that you can realize the values ​​that you have created in your company, and a sellable company gives you the best degrees of freedom in relation to what you want to focus on – whether it is further development of your business, more time for other activities or whether you want to sell if a new situation should arise.

I am Peter Sørensen and founder of EjerlederFokus.dk and I have in-depth experience with and respect for the culture in owner-managed companies:

For the past 15 years, I have helped owner-managers as an employed director of a subsidiary in an owner-managed international group, as chairman of the board, advisory board member or business broker for Danish owner-managed companies.

Previously, I have for more than 20 years worked with and been responsible for the development of companies as a strategy consultant, CEO, sales and marketing director or executive assistant for mid-sized or large international corporations.


I am a Value Builder Advisor at Value Builder System™

The Value Builder System™ is a proven system that helps a business owner not only know the current value of their business, but also how they in the most efficient way can improve the value and sellability.

Our vision is to level the playing field for small business owners as they approach their exit.

Our goal is to be empowering one million business owners by the year 2030. 


Interested in getting in contact? - please send me an e-mail:

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